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Sand in the Hourglass

Two mornings ago I was the only one off. I grabbed a few rickshaws, sped around Pune, and finished up my souvenir shopping and gift-buying. I saw an elephant trundling through the street.… Continue reading

Bandh, and My Thanks-Giving

Yesterday, India’s Agriculture Minister was slapped by a man, and threatened with a knife. He is fine, and the man who slapped and threatened him is not even in jail, and all of… Continue reading

HIV Bootcamp

Did you know that 2.5 million people in India are living with HIV or AIDS? Or that 87% of those HIV infections are transmitted through heterosexual sex, and 20% of Indians with HIV… Continue reading

Rhythm of Life

This week is the week I most feel I am settled into a rhythm of life here at Sangam. I was sitting in the Programme Room, working on the computer, when I got… Continue reading

Before the Big Shebang

The 45th birthday celebration is in full swing! The other day, we took our guests down to Laxmi Road to visit the market and town center. We went sari shopping and I picked… Continue reading

Out and About

The past four days have been a blur of activity. To begin with, I didn’t sleep at all the first night I was here, and only a few hours the next two nights.… Continue reading