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Sand in the Hourglass

Two mornings ago I was the only one off. I grabbed a few rickshaws, sped around Pune, and finished up my souvenir shopping and gift-buying. I saw an elephant trundling through the street.… Continue reading

What Do You Do At Sangam When There’s Not An Event?

1. You empty out all of the filing cabinets, dump everything on the floor, throw out half of the pile (including the file labeled “People” full of calendars from the 1980s with photos… Continue reading


I have described the train journeys, but I have not yet done justice to the city of Mumbai itself. Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is the biggest city in India, and the fourth-biggest in the… Continue reading

Double Take: Alandi and Assisi

The temple is surrounded by stone walls and iron gates, and around those walls are dozens of bazaar booths, draped in colorful cloths and littered with iridescent pictures of gods and goddesses and… Continue reading


After two nights of Diwali celebrations, I feel that I owe this amazing holiday its own blog post, rather than one tiny paragraph in a list of random things. Diwali is like a… Continue reading

Eleven Random Things About India

Because I feel like most of my blog posts are big summaries, I am writing this one about little things. For starters: Mango Slice. This is obviously the best thing ever invented. A… Continue reading

Out and About

The past four days have been a blur of activity. To begin with, I didn’t sleep at all the first night I was here, and only a few hours the next two nights.… Continue reading