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Say why, do we have to say goodbye?

There’s an old Girl Scout song we sing here sometimes that goes: Say when, will we ever meet again Say when, will we ever meet again Say when, will we ever meet again… Continue reading

Sand in the Hourglass

Two mornings ago I was the only one off. I grabbed a few rickshaws, sped around Pune, and finished up my souvenir shopping and gift-buying. I saw an elephant trundling through the street.… Continue reading

World Thinking Day: The Girl Scout International Holiday

Girl Guiding began in 1909, when a group of girls protested outside a Boy Scout rally at the Crystal Palace in London. Their brothers were Scouts, and they wanted to be Scouts, too.… Continue reading

What Do You Do At Sangam When There’s Not An Event?

1. You empty out all of the filing cabinets, dump everything on the floor, throw out half of the pile (including the file labeled “People” full of calendars from the 1980s with photos… Continue reading

Journey to the North: Agra and the Gohad Express

When Philippa and I arrived in Agra, a rickshaw driver had been sent by our hotel, and his engine wouldn’t start because of how cold it was! Manish, as he turned out to… Continue reading

Journey to the North: Delhi

On the final day of January, Philippa and I slung our backpacks over our shoulders and headed up the road to Wadi, to the ATM, where we took out giant chunks of cash… Continue reading

Roadtrip to Some Wonders of the World

I have decided that the only way to travel Maharashtra is by hiring a car and driver. Seven of us piled into Minakshi’s SUV and headed north to Aurangabad, Ajanta and Ellora. Bronwyn… Continue reading

The Great Skittle Taste Test, and The World We Want for Our Future

It all began when some British participants brought an enormous bag of Skittles to Sangam. They used it to make gift bags for the children visiting for Community Partner Fun Day, but even… Continue reading

A video I created to capture Sangam in 2011.

My Sangam Volunteer Mid-Term Crisis, or, Jessica Wants to Stay

A few weeks ago, Sayali had us over to her house to play with her new kittens. They were only five days old. They had just opened their eyes and those eyes were… Continue reading