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Journey to the North: Agra and the Gohad Express

When Philippa and I arrived in Agra, a rickshaw driver had been sent by our hotel, and his engine wouldn’t start because of how cold it was! Manish, as he turned out to… Continue reading


It is no coincidence that my last blog post was December 18th, 2011, and our last event began on December 21st. It has been a whirlwind twelve days! This event was called Discover… Continue reading

Into the Red Light District

A little over a week ago, Ellen and I went out walking in Pune. We were strolling through the wholesale district when we reached a large junction, and I asked Ellen, “Left, right,… Continue reading

In which I am puked on whilst riding a ferris wheel.

Yesterday was my day off. On my next days off, I am going to Mumbai with Stephanie to explore a new global metropolis and possibly go to a Jewish synagogue and maybe a… Continue reading

Advocacy in Action

The HIV/AIDS Advocacy Seminar deserves not just one but two posts. This one will be about the seminar itself–the advocacy part. From the start, the participants were open and enthusiastic and engaged in… Continue reading

Bandh, and My Thanks-Giving

Yesterday, India’s Agriculture Minister was slapped by a man, and threatened with a knife. He is fine, and the man who slapped and threatened him is not even in jail, and all of… Continue reading

22 in India, and a Night on the Town

The morning of October 30th, my alarm went off at exactly 7:30 AM. As soon as I had stepped out of bed, my door opened, and three people entered carrying candlelit cinnamon buns,… Continue reading

Rhythm of Life

This week is the week I most feel I am settled into a rhythm of life here at Sangam. I was sitting in the Programme Room, working on the computer, when I got… Continue reading

Eleven Random Things About India

Because I feel like most of my blog posts are big summaries, I am writing this one about little things. For starters: Mango Slice. This is obviously the best thing ever invented. A… Continue reading

Settling In

The past two days have been full of exploration. Philippa, who is English and will be working the same six-month stretch as me, arrived the afternoon of my first full day (Tuesday the… Continue reading