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More than I can tell.

After a while, you come to terms with the things you took for granted that are no longer there. For instance, the particular brand of chip dip they sell at Harris Teeter, which… Continue reading

I’m back.

The water in the toilet is cleaning-fluid blue. There are no leaves on any of the trees. The cars drive the other way, and the streets are so empty. I have seen exactly… Continue reading

My Sangam Volunteer Mid-Term Crisis, or, Jessica Wants to Stay

A few weeks ago, Sayali had us over to her house to play with her new kittens. They were only five days old. They had just opened their eyes and those eyes were… Continue reading

Bandh, and My Thanks-Giving

Yesterday, India’s Agriculture Minister was slapped by a man, and threatened with a knife. He is fine, and the man who slapped and threatened him is not even in jail, and all of… Continue reading